The Path Through the Woods Program


The Path through the Woods Program is designed for baby boomers – those of us who are approaching or are already in our 3rd Age – who want to gain better control over the life we have left. The program incorporates workshops, coaching and other resources including The Un-Retirement Guide.
The program builds on the 4 key pillars of 3rd Age life which – from my own personal experience – are vital to address if we want to take control of this pivotal phase of our lives.

The 4  pillars are:

  1. Lifestyle Path
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Age Discrimination
  4. Managing Change

What is our 3rd Age?
We live in an ageing world. There is a need to deprogram ourselves of the ageist notion that by 65 or younger, old age and degeneration kicks in and it’s all downhill from there. This may have been the case when the nature of work was primarily physical and our lifespan was decades shorter than it is now, but times have changed. We need new models and perspectives of ageing and what ‘old’ age actually means.
As a society, we are conditioned to think of ageing as ‘bad’, as an incurable disease. Along the way, we associate aging with numerous limiting beliefs, including:

• Opportunities for continued employment diminish or worse, disappear altogether.
• You start to worry that it’s too late to make any big life changes, and you’ve already missed the proverbial boat.
• You begin to notice a prevailing ageist attitude you’d never noticed before.
• You start to feel that your options are limited.
• It becomes harder to meet people who haven’t fallen into the ‘ageing is bad and we can’t do anything about it’ mindset.

Grim indeed!

All in all, in most Western societies ageing is not seen as positive AT all.
Never mind the impending doom of retirement and the financial worries about whether we’ll manage or not, as our incomes shrink and the world seems to become more and more expensive. It’s a time in our lives when we can feel especially powerless and not in control of things, when we feel vulnerable and weak, fearful of the unknown to come.

But what if it didn’t have to be like this?
Many of the widely believed symptoms of ageing are stereotypes that don’t actually have to be true during your 3rd Age!
What if, instead of the doom and gloom and the impending threat of worsening health and mental decline, your 3rd Age is a time of fulfillment and possibility? What if your 3rd Age could be a time of doing all the things you’ve ever wanted to but never dared to? What if your 3rd Age could be a time of ‘no regrets’ and living the life you’ve always wanted? Wouldn’t you want that kind of 3rd Age instead?

Who does The Path through the Woods Program help best?
• You’re approaching or already living your 3rd Age (age-wise, you are somewhere between 50 and 70+ years old).
• You may have already experienced the shaming effects of Ageism or age discrimination.
• You now realize quite how important your health is to you and the life you want to live.
• You no longer want to leave your happiness to chance and are ready to take control of it.
• You don’t want to leave this life with regrets.

Ultimately, the purpose of The Path Through The Woods Program is to help you begin to make the most of your remaining years on this planet and stay as well as you possibly can to enjoy the life you have left to live.

To do this, whether through workshops, coaching or other resources, we need to lift the lid on some of the topics often ignored – out of shame, fear or both. We need to begin to talk about things like:
• How we, as older people, are viewed and treated in society, sometimes no longer really ‘seen’ or viewed as somehow ‘lesser’.
• The fact that some of us don’t want to or can’t retire.
• What career/employment options we have as we age.
• The very real impact of ill health on our ability to lead the quality of life we want.
• The fear of shrinking pensions and how we’ll survive financially if we can no longer work.
We need to bring these topics out into the open, face them, discuss them and figure out how we can address them – personally and, in time, as a society.
So how and where do we start?
A valuable starting point is The Path Through the Woods Program introductory workshop, “Essential Life Skills to Reduce Stress” , which addresses a critical part of the Health and Wellness pillar.

What you’ll gain when you take part in this workshop:

• Learn how to approach and ‘neutralize’ one of the main threats to your health and wellness, plus minimize the impact of ageing on your mind and body.
• Understand the urgent need to take a step back in your life, take stock and create a flexible,lifestyle plan for the future.
• Gain a greater sense of control, freedom and ease about your 3rd Age instead of being afraid of ageing as an incurable disease with no upside.

When you finish this workshop, you’ll leave with:

•Greater knowledge about your own health and wellness, and some simple changes you can make to improve it.
• New acquaintances and friends who are on their own 3rd Age journey and know some of what you’re going through.
• Two specific tools to help minimize any stress you may be experiencing in your 3rd Age.
• A different perspective on ageing and what it might mean to and for you.
• Opportunities to continue planning and preparing for your 3rd Age through further individual workshops or personalized coaching.


How this works:

The “Essential Life Skills to Reduce Stress” workshop is scheduled as follows:

• Date: Pending as I am out of the country at this time
• Time:
• Venue:
• Capacity:If you’d like to secure a place on this workshop, please complete your payment below. The fee to attend the workshop is CAD $ XXX I will then be in touch personally to help you get the most out of attending this workshop.