The 3rd Age – most typically called ‘retirement’ – can be a period of uncertainty and dread for the 55+ boomer generation…

Concerns about what’s next, finances, mortality, loss and more can cause untold stress and paralyzing fear, especially as times are changing and many of us can’t afford or don’t want to retire.

Faced with an ageist society, potential health problems and the fixed mindset of many fellow 3rd Agers, treading and even considering alternative paths feels like a confusing and lonely thing to do.

Which is why many of us:

  • Don’t have a path to maximize our 3rd Age.
  • Aren’t prioritizing our health to ensure we can enjoy our 3rd Age.
  • Tolerate ageist attitudes from ourselves and much of society.
  • Think that retirement is the only option we have in our 3rd Age.

But the 3rd Age can also be a time of excitement, freedom and new beginnings….

  • Instead of being hit by what life throws at us, we can define and follow our own life plan through our 3rd Age and beyond.
  • Instead of suffering from disability and debilitating illness, we can empower ourselves to lessen the odds and take more control by enhancing our health and wellness as we age.
  • Instead of constantly worrying about money and relying on diminishing pension funds, we can get more creative and build additional streams of income from things we enjoy doing.

Your 3rd Age is what you make of it, there is no set path you must follow.

Who Am I?

I’m Brian Lukyn, a Canadian 3rd Ager based out of Vancouver Island when not exploring international locales, I call myself a Life Strategist and also identify as a Health Advocate, Adventurer, Yogi and amateur Photographer. As of April, 2018, I have joined the ranks of the UN-Retired and am living between Canada and Thailand.

I work with people who:

  • Are not interested in full-stop retirement and want something more for their 3rd Age.
  • Want to stay in active and vibrant health, and are willing to prioritize this in their lives.
  • Want a 3rd Age lifestyle that affords far more freedom and a lot less stress.

Professionally, I’ve spent many years working in the fields of rehabilitation and career counselling for adults, and have seen the impact that poor health has on one’s ability to live a rich, rewarding and fulfilling life.

With a B.Sc.in Psychology,Biology from the University of Victoria and a number of additional rehabilitation, counselling and other qualifications obtained over the years, that include a Wellness Coach Certification from WellPeople. I also have a 1st and 2nd Age of life experiences to draw from, as do you!

I am a passionate advocate of empowering ourselves to take control of our own health which became the impetus for writing The Un-Retirement Guide: A Complete Life Wellness Plan for 50+ Boomers Needing to Succeed, a few years ago and it continues to underpin the foundation of my work.

A few choice nuggets about me:

  • My personal core values are: Health, Connection and Self-Fulfillment.
  • I’m not a risk taker by nature and like to have most of my ducks lined up in a row before making any moves; but when they are…look out!
  • One of my 3rd Age goals is to continue to travel and photograph amazing southeast Asia. Another is building this business that more closely aligns with who I am.
  • My mother told me I was a late bloomer and I believe our 3rd age is a time to keep blooming.
  • It’s taken me many years to understand the African proverb: That you can go faster alone but further together.
  • I was the middle-aged child with 6 siblings in a Catholic family.
  • When I was young I always wanted to be older and now that I’m here, I’m realising it wasn’t such a bad wish to have.
  • I spend time throughout the week giving my mind a rest – through breathing, meditation and yoga practice to encourage my intuitive self to speak up and speak out.
  • I found myself down the wrong career path but managed to publish 4 scientific reports in the process.
  • I’m still learning to be comfortable being vulnerable in my quest to accept who I am.

What You’ll Find Here

I believe that it is time to join the Ageist Revolution! I offer a path through the changing landscape and uncertainty of your 3rd Age and invite you to take the challenge to see what can be made of the rest of your life.

The work I do here focuses on helping fellow boomers take more control of their 3rd Age. To do this, we look at the following 4 pillars:

  • Lifestyle Path  – what do you want to do with your 3rd Age that enables you to fulfill your potential and know you can still make a difference?
  • Health and Wellness – how can you enhance your wellness and/or minimize the impact of stress, illness and disability so that you can fully enjoy your 3rd Age?
  • Age Discrimination – how does ageism currently impact your life? How do you show up in your communities, especially when faced with ageist attitudes, beliefs and behaviours?
  • Managing Change- Responding to unexpected changes and implementing it to create our lifestyle path.

You can experience my work through The Path through the Woods Program and workshops, coaching or other resources, including;The UN-Retirement GuideTM.