The Un-Retirement GuideTM for

50+ Boomers Needing to Succeed

Facing 3rd Age and feeling uncertain or vulnerable? Read on.
If so, you’re not alone and part of a wave of Baby Boomers working up to and past 65, referred to as Un-Retired. It is one thing to need or choose to keep working and another, to stay gainfully employed while coping with potential age discrimination and/or not succumbing to a disabling medical condition. Sounds like the deck is stacked but the odds can be improved considerably by taking a proactive stance.
Career, rehabilitation and wellness specialist Brian Lukyn spent 3 years researching and writing this heartfelt and timely guidebook. Designed for unretired North American Boomers, it provides powerful and effective information to successfully manage your career, health and wellness needs. This is accomplished holistically within a framework of seven wellness dimensions whose overall focus is on restoring balance and wellbeing.

In this book you’ll learn:

  •     All career, health and wellness information within is tailored to the 50+population
  •     Why full stop retirement is an outdated lifestyle
  •     Why relying on the medical model of health alone isn’t enough to age well
  •     Why you have greater control over aging and longevity than you think
  •     How to decrease the odds of being diagnosed with dementia
  •     A breakdown of what wellness is in each of the seven dimensions
  •     How to customize and create your complete life wellness plan
  •     Why it is important to define purpose and meaning in the second half of your life
  •     How to identify and minimize work and personal stressors that threaten your health
  •     Why completing your personal career profile is empowering
  •     Why its critical and empowering to understand and own the skills you have
  •     How to stay current and relevant and counter age discrimination in the workplace
  •     Why labor market research is essential in career planning and where to find it
  •     How to conduct a targeted job search and access the hidden job market
  •     How to use your 3 step career planning tool to change or keep a job
  •     How to build resumes and cover letters for the older worker
  •     Why using a virtual office may be the key if you’re interested in self-employment
  •      And much more….

Bonus: Calculate and discover the true cost of your monthly Standard of Living

Bonus: Assess your personal stress level with: A Chronic Stress Symptom Inventory
Bonus: Download and complete your free copy of a Complete Life Wellness PlanTM
 Can’t afford to retire or don’t want to, then I recommend buying this book now to stack the deck in your favor.
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Book Reviews

Wellness is a key component to longevity, and greatly ads to quality of life as a person enters their 50’s. Brian shares with readers what we are all searching for and need: Wellness, real health and how to stay gainfully employed. A definite need-to-read for those continuing to work in their 50’s and beyond!

Sarah Hrabi Physiotherapist MPT BScKin, Owner of Epic Physiotherapy


The Un-Retirement GuideTM is an invaluable tool and resource for the many Baby Boomers who need to or are choosing to work beyond the traditional retirement age and are moving into uncharted waters. Brian Lukyn brings his considerable experience in the career-health field and marries it with humor and a passion for wellness to lay out a pathway upon which the reader is empowered to skillfully navigate their own journey.

Jim Strohecker CEO, WellPeople, Co-Creator, Wellness Inventory program


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